Saturday, 21 October 2017

Aquire desire


It is like fire

Can be good or dire

Lift up or keep in the mire 

Comfort or cut like thick razor wire

Remember as a kid s'mores over campfire

Rock star dreams played through an amplifier 

Girl next door makes you perspire

You want a kiss by her 

You require


Thursday, 19 October 2017

I was/They were...

(Warning: there is some disturbing content and the end is dark. It started playful with a thesaurus and some rhymes. It took over and got dark fast. But so does the news. I have often wondered, have I helped create those ' villains'? And what would it  take for me to become one.)

In school I dressed for success
Wore my medals on my chest
Endured the test
Tried to be like the rest
They treated me like a pest
The effort left me stressed
Hurt, strung out and depressed
...and they kept on eating

Strolling laughing past my job at the mall
They tried to make me feel small
Rolling eyes as I passed in the hall
Always last to get the ball
Its a big joke when I fall
Because I'm not built like a Ken doll
Into my cave of books and games I'd crawl
...and they kept on eating 

There's nowhere I fitted
My soul like my complexion pitted
The snickering rumor I was flaccid
Condemnation unaquitted
A trackless crime once committed
No evidence to be submitted
Words are flames that flicker wicked
...and they kept on eating 

Because I play tuba in the band
Against bullies I don't make a stand
None of my clothes are a designer brand
I turn lobster when the rest are tanned
I don't have the snide words at my command
I'm only intimate with my own hand
My grinding teeth sound like sand
...and they kept on eating 

Dress like hookerst talking about women's lib
Acting 40 barely out of the crib
Big jock boys smash you in the rib
Talk about scoring it's just a fib
Got a short fuse they call me Squib
Chanting, 'little Squib needs a bib'
Written on my forehead with a sharpie nib
...and they kept on eating 

If anyone survives it'll be miraculous
If you put out they call you promiscuous
If you don't then you're gender ambiguous
They think poison words are innocuous
Tried to stay anonymous
An angry target is conspicuous
I cut myself because I'm useless
...and they kept on eating 

My life seems like a movie spoof
Photoshop me with my dog call me woof woof
Nice burn but you're not fireproof
Boys beat me down cause I'm a goof
Wolves corner a moose get a face full of hoof
I've got a plan that's foolproof
Got my hunting rifle and some pipe bombs on the roof
...and no one is eating
No one is laughing
Have I got your attention now? 

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Dragon the World Around

Dragons are not a species

But chosen from the beasts 

One is called each solstice 

To be transformed with power

Imbued with ancient vast knowledge 

Able to fly without wings

Through the air and space

To rule on the moon

Watching man and beast below

Defending all from threats beyond

There are ten lines 5 words each which makes 50 words. I read 'The dragon chose...' my mind said ...a successor. But it not a position...or is it?
It now seems like the teaser for a full book
Maybe I'll write some of in November  

The sense of fear

See dark shapes in fog
Hell hound or lost dog
Fear gives life to that unclear
Grin masks in plain sight
Lithe hunter of night
Some need fear the hungry Leer

Smell a hint of smoke
That's why you awoke
Cautious cats sniff all that's near
Acrid metal scent
Let the shop prevent
Dangerous brakes or loose gear

Taste a bright berry
Bitter? Be wary
You're a carcass midst the deer
Not a germaphobe?
Beware the microbe
Dread toxin in week old smear

Feel soft touch by night
You will start in fright
Spider's your hair on your ear
Fear's brush on my brain
Could drive me insane
Pray and it will disappear

Monday, 16 October 2017



That is the way I feel 

Every time I watch the nightly news 

Sunday, 15 October 2017

I love a haiku

It is an express poem

When you got to move

House of Many Voices

Welcome friends to the house of many voices

Come as you are bring whatever you have to share

Or not we also need people who enjoy and listen

Remember you don't need to get paid to be an artist

If you write anything then my friend you are a writer

Paint your feelings with emotional words you are a poet

Unless you write greeting cards no one pays  a poet

So we are forced to listen to cold practical voices

In your spare time you can be an aspiring writer

Contribute get a real job so you do your share

Don't be a leech no one likes to see a starving artist

Eat vitamins brush your teeth learn to listen

Well I have never been one to blindly listen

Except to the good book my instinct and the voices  of the poet

For the moment I'm making ends meat as a sandwich artist

The company sanctioned soundtrack drowns out artistic voices

I could crunch numbers to find the quotient mean of the market share

Or a suit a tie an office an actuarial table I'll be an insurance writer

Out my high rise window the ghost of Petty is a free falling sky writer

Hey spike use ten foot tall words to get the world to get woke and listen

I'm opening up more and more soon  I'll be the king of the over share

Lost in space and ground control is the only lifeline of the poet

I would have gone crazy without this way to release the voices

Once again I am the Prince formerly known as Artist

There are other times that I feel like a literary  con artist

I want to apologize to beloved long gone writers

With rhythm with rhyme and meter they skilfully gave their voices

 Push a button I have 10 rhymes a metaphor and a Playlist just listen

Click the mouse I have any quote from  any poet

Mindlessly I can poke post tweet like and share

I don't know how much more to share

With heart honesty and passion I can say I'm an artist

With words finely tuned  and chiseled  I am a poet

I've got a good plot I've got fingrertip resources I am a writer

Open heart open mind I've finally learned the art of listening

To be heard we must raise our voices

Let us gather in the circle  to share storyteller balladeer and writer

Sculpter painter performance artist the world will come to listen

Come actor dancer bard and poet welcome to the house of many voices